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Project Highlights

K-610 Gas Lift Compressor ESD and F&G


Occidental Petroleum of Oman

Occidental Petroleum of Oman has implemented operations to increase production through a combination of development wells, water flooding and successful exploration.

Safa Field, Oman

Completion Date:
July 2013

Tebodin Consultants & Engineers

Contract Type:
Design, Supply, and Commissioning of ESD & F&G Control Panel.


Project Scope:
The project consists of the recovery and utilization of natural gas to meet the energy needed by end-users and also reduce local air pollution due to flaring. The recovery process comprises three main stages including the separation stage where gas is separated from oil and water, the compression stage where gas is compressed for transportation to gas plant, and the processing stage where gas is processed to fit with conditions of gas pipeline for further transportation to end-users. Main equipment necessary for the proposed project activity comprises electric motor-driven reciprocating and screw compressors installed at several locations on site, and a network of pipelines for gas transportation.

The scenario existing prior to the start of the implementation of the proposed project activity is flaring of associated gas at the oil production site, the operation of the existing oil and gas infrastructure without processing of any recovered associated gas, and the use of gas-lift gas from the same source and quantity as under the project activity in the gas-lift system. The baseline scenario is the same as the scenario existing prior to the start of implementation of the proposed project activity. The project reduces greenhouse gases emissions as the utilization of recovered gas displaces the use of non associated gas or other fossil sources at end-users

Our Solution:
Redundant ControlLogix System & IOs

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