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Project Highlights

PLC Control Panel for LOT-4: PCS & SGS Cabinets


Occidental Mukhaizna LLC

Occidental Mukhaizna LLC operates as a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

Mukhaizna, Oman

Completion Date:
September 2015

Occidental Mukhaizna LLC

Contract Type:
Design, Supply, and Commissioning of the PLC System for Lot-4 at Mukhaizna field


Project Scope:
Mukhaizna, located in Block 53 onshore Oman, is operated by Occidental. It is the largest enhances oil recovery (EOR) project in the region and utilizes extensive steam flooding in order to maximize output of Mukhaizna’s heavy oil. Thermal recovery operations have been implemented on more than 400 thermal patterns across the field.

In 2014, the average gross daily production was over 15 times higher than the production rate in September 2005 when Occidental assumed operations.

Our Solution:
Redundant ControlLogix System and IOs

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