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Boilers Controls Retrofit for the Combined Cycle Power Plant


Dubai Aluminum

Dubai Aluminum (Dubal) is an operating subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA). The DUBAL complex comprises a one million mtpa smelter, a 2,350 MW power station (at 30⁰C), a large carbon plant, casting operations (more than one million mtpa), a water desalination plant, laboratories, port, storage and other facilities.

Dubai, UAE

Completion Date:
February 2012

Dubai Aluminum

Contract Type:
Design, Supply, Installation, and commissioning of the Control Upgrade of the 8 Combined Cycle Turbine’s Boiler Damper Positioners.


Project Scope:
Dubal’s original power plant had twelve gas tubines of which eight were GE Frame 5’s and four Frame 9, each exhausting into heat recovery boiler supplying stream to a multi stage flash distillation unit.

Dubal now supply their smelter with combined cycles. In 1996, they decided to install a new pot line then in 1997 they decided to convert these to combine cycle and add two more gas turbines of the same type for a second combined cycle block to create a total capacity increase of 450 MW under site conditions and allow them to stand down some of the older gas turbines to reserve.

By upgrading the actuators, the poor signals from the control system which resulted to inefficient combustion, poor heat-rate and undesirable emissions will be improve and a great amount of fuel will be save.

Our Solution:
GE PLC with Acromag Signal Splitters and Siemens Pneumatic Positioners.

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